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from them 217 FOREIGN CITIZENS

The hospital was founded in 1962 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012.

As part of the institution there are structural divisions: x-ray Department with offices of computed tomography, Department of functional diagnostics, offices of endoscopy, ultrasound, hyperbaric oxygenation, efferent methods of treatment, physiotherapy with a hall of physical therapy, pathology Department, clinical and diagnostic laboratory.

The staff of the hospital is represented by 184 doctors, 440 secondary medical workers, 218 Junior medical workers.  The institution employs 2 doctors and 12 candidates of medical Sciences.

From other medical institutions of the city GBUZ SO " Tolyatti city clinical hospital No. 2 them. V. V. banykina " is distinguished by the constancy of the team of medical workers, loyalty to the traditions of humane attitude to the patient, inviolability of the principles of ethics and deontology, respect for the opinion of colleagues, mutual assistance, the highest professionalism. The administration of the hospital welcomes scientific activities, the desire to master related professions, creates the necessary conditions for professional and career growth.

In 2010. in GBUZ SO " Togliatti city hospital No. 2 them. VV As part of the Federal target program to improve the quality of medical care for patients with vascular diseases, a primary neurological Department for patients with acute cerebral circulation disorders was opened for 24 neurological beds and 6 intensive care beds, equipped with medical and non-medical equipment in accordance with the equipment report Card for this Department and the intensive care unit, including a spiral CT scanner and an ultrasound complex of the latest generation, working around the clock.

The Department has been overhauled with the use of modern construction and finishing materials. Examination, treatment and rehabilitation of patients from the first day of stay in the hospital is carried out in accordance with international standards of medical care for patients with acute disorders of cerebral circulation, including the method of systemic thrombolysis in ischemic strokes. For medical personnel comfortable conditions for work and rest are created. In 2015, 6 adult neurological beds were added.

Medical care for patients with injuries and diseases of the Central and peripheral nervous system is provided in 30 beds of neurosurgical profile. Neurosurgeons perform a full range of surgical interventions, including operations of transpedicular fixation of the spine.

The hospital operates a maternity hospital with 40 beds for pregnant women and women in labor. About 4,000 newborns are born in the hospital every year. The hospital has 6 intensive care beds for women in labor and 6 beds for newborns.

In total, in the structure of SBUZ SB " Togliatti city clinical hospital No. 2. V. V. banykina " 39 beds of resuscitation profile were deployed: 6 beds – for children, 6 beds-for women in labor, 6 beds - to assist patients of cardiological profile, 6 beds - to assist patients of vascular and cardiac surgery profile, 9 beds - to assist patients of surgical and gynecological profile, 6 beds-to assist patients of neurological profile.

Care for patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system is provided on 120 beds of cardiac profile. Modern methods of examination and treatment are implemented by cardiologists in practice. Since 1998, systemic thrombolysis in acute myocardial infarction has been used in the intensive care unit of cardiac departments. Mortality rates in the departments are among the lowest not only in the Samara region, but also in the Russian Federation.

Patients with vascular pathology and patients with cardiac surgery are treated in 50 beds of the vascular surgery Department. The Department performs high-tech types of surgical interventions:

  •     vascular prosthetics
  •     the installation of pacemakers
  •     treatment of rhythm disorders using catheter ablation methods
  •     coronary and peripheral stenting
  •     coronary artery bypass grafting

By the end of 2014, the Department performed more than 730 studies – aortocoronarography, more than 400 coronary stenting, more than 60 peripheral vessels, more than 30 uterine artery embolizations, more than 100 aorto-coronary bypass operations.

Since 2011, SBUZ SB " Togliatti city clinical hospital No. 2. V. V. banykina " takes an active part in the implementation of measures provided for in the framework Of the program of modernization of health care in the Samara region.

In 2015, by order of the Ministry of health of the Samara region No. 553 dated 08.04.2015 to the State budgetary institution of health care of the Samara region " Togliatti city hospital No. 2. V. V. banykina " was awarded the status of Clinical.


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